Tuesday16 January 2018


The Arab American Association of Engineers, Architects and ITs; AAAEA (Tri-State) announced the results of its 2014-2015 Executive Committee and Board of Trustees elections.

All those elected begin their terms in February 2014 and ends in January 2016.

The following Leaders were elected to the AAAEA Executive Committee

  1. Maher Abdelqader, CCM, President

  2. Yosry H. Bekhiet, First Vice President, NJ liaison

  3. Suhail Albhaisi, PhD, PE, Vice President NY Liaison

  4. Saed Elahmad, Vice President, CT liaison

  5. Fayez Fanik, PE, Vice President, Public Relations

  6. Nidal Elderamneh, Treasurer

  7. Reema Albahri, Activities and Events Committee Chair
  8. Jasmine Ibrahim Issa, Education Committee Chair

  9. Marwa Ayad, Membership Committee Chair

  10. Rolla Elabbasi, Secretary and IT Committee Chair
  11. Magdy Elkafafi, Patron Committee Chair

  12. Gehad Saber, Student Chapters Committee Chair

  13. Hesham Amer, Media Committee Chair

  14. Sherif El-Bokhary, Media Committee Co-Chair


The following Leaders were elected to the2014 / 2015 Board of Trustees

  1. Khaled T. Husein, CCM, Vice President, HAKS, Chairman of the Board
  2. Eli R. Khoury, PE, Senior Vice President, HDR, Co- Chairman of the Board
  3. George Sholy, AECOM, Vice Chairman of the Board
  4. Shukri Abuhuzeima, NJDOT, Vice Chairman of the Board
  5. Hesham M. Kotby, PE, Vice President, HAKS Consultant / Engineering
  6. Rifat Saleh, PE, Chief Executive Officer, RHS Consulting Design Inc.,  CT
  7. Adel M. Elsekhily, PE, CB & IT Engineering Inc.
  8. Morsy H. Said, PE, URS Consultant / Engineering
  9. Ahmed A. Azmy, PhD, AIA, APA, Azmy Architects 
  10. Morsy Said , PE, URS Consultant / Engineering
  11. Azmy Ahmed, Ph.D, Azmy Architects



About The Tri-State Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects

 “Since inception, we made it no secret that our commitment is to support the growth of our association locally and beyond its regional jurisdictions.” stated Mr. Maher Abdelqader highlighting the special 01/ 2006 date for announcing the establishment of the Association of AAAEA Mr. Maher Abdelqader also noted that “We strive to provide opportunities to our members in jobs and business … we have opened our arms to other ethnic communities and associations in the region to collaborate in offered services …”.  In pointing the theme for the next two years, he reiterated that “Unity equals Success is our motto, both local and national…” concluding his speech thanking members for electing him President;  Maher Abdelqader, stated that “…we as Arab American Engineers, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs, should be very proud of what we have accomplished in this country…”

The Tri-State Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects is a professional organization registered in the states of NJ, NY and CT and was approved as a tax exempt Association by IRS in the year 2013 and is dedicated to helping its members succeed in their professions by networking, social activities, continuing education seminars and workshops, and student financial scholarships. AAAEA is a non-political and non-religious organization open to all architects, engineers and computer science professionals and students of Arab heritage.  

The association vision is to support the Arab American professionals and community growth through assisting young Arab American professionals and college students to progress in their careers regardless of their origin or religion, promoting our professionals and businesses through networking locally and domestically, encouraging job referrals and search, endorsing professional certification through an educational and training seminar series, and expanding our scholarship program to help our young professionals evolve. We believe this program is the only one of its kind for engineering, architecture and computer science students of Arabic origin. Support the National Brand of the Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects and establish a regional collaborative with other entities to enhance services to our members and businesses.


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