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Tuesday16 January 2018

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About Us / Our Goals

The AAAEA Tri-State Chapter was formed in the fall of 2006 in New York / New Jersey/Connecticut. The AAAEA is a non-for profit, non-political, and non-religious organization with the objective of bringing together members of our Arab American Engineers, Architects and Information Technology; ITs who study or work in the field of Engineering, Architectural and Information Technology.

To help deliver and foster multi-disciplinary future professional growth, develop understanding, increase multi-cultural awareness, establish engineering and scientific enhancement programs for the Profession, all for betterment of local community and society as a whole.


AAAEA Tri-State Chapter Mission Statement include the following:

* Assist in establishing training, technical seminars and academic review courses for professional and personal development.

* Share knowledge and information amongst our members and other professional Associations.

* Encourage and promote the members of the Chapter in the technical and scientific fields hence projecting positive image of the Chapter and its members and their accomplishments.

* Promote guidance and assistance to members, students studying in the Engineering filed, and new graduates to enhance their careers.

* Establish rewards and recognition for innovation, design, research and professional training in the community.

* Tri-State Chapter improves and promotes the positive perception of Arab Americans by providing a strong networking opportunities, hence, members are able to develop professionally their leadership, communication, management skills as well as their technical skills.

* To further the public welfare whenever engineering knowledge is involved and to act upon matters which are the concerns of the engineering, architecture and IT professions.

* Promote cooperation and mutual understanding amongst the Chapter members.

* Assist in developing scholarship grants to encourage qualified and talented Arab American students to pursue engineering, architecture and IT studies.


* Cooperate with other professional association and / or organizations.

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