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Tuesday16 January 2018

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2017 - 11th Scholarship Annual Gala

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Annual plan



 Provide a professional platform for our members

Connect members with the professional world

Empower our diverse Arab American members

Help develop the intellectual gifts our members possess

Appreciate, understand and respect the similarities and differences among members and others in their local and professional communities so we all can learn to live with integrity and purpose as contributing members of our society.


Our distinguished list of guest speakers for the upcoming 8th annual gala is evident that our association has excelled in the areas of public relations and outreach.  AAAEA Tri-State will continue this endeavor in other areas through educational initiatives, employment and internship opportunities to our members as well revamping our chapters website to offer a more efficient means to communicate among members.  On that note, we’ve employed a more effective means to allocate various resources for our scholarship program which directly goes to supporting Arab American students in pursuit of higher education and professional development.  This year I am excited to announce that we are planning to award at least three to four scholarships at the annual gala. 



Support the Arab American professionals and community growth through assisting young Arab American professionals and college students to progress in their careers regardless of their origin or religion.

Promoting our professionals and businesses through networking locally and domestically.

Encouraging job referrals and search, endorsing professional certification through an educational and training seminar series.

Expanding our scholarship program to help our students and young professionals evolve.  We believe this program is a great program that gives us the opportunity to help and connect with our engineering, architecture and computer science students of Arabic origin. 

Support the National Brand of the Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects and establish a regional collaborative with other entities to enhance services to our members and businesses.

Another crucial goal is to foster participation in a wide range of useful activities designed to strengthen our members for them to in turn pay it forward.   As you may already know, Arab Americans and professional engineers, architects, etc., have been living in this country for many years during which they have enriched the lives and the culture of this country.  We as Arab American engineers, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs should be very proud of what we have accomplished thus far and in the continuation of doing so.


Excellence, education, and leadership among our community members 

To teach each other that respect for other people, honesty, and courtesy are fundamental standards expected of everyone to succeed in the professional world. 

Since AAAEA inception, we made it no secret that our commitment is to support the growth of our association locally and beyond its regional jurisdictions.  We strive to provide opportunities to our members in jobs and businesses.  We have opened our arms to other ethnic communities and associations in the region to collaborate in offered services and will continue working with past themes.  As our organizations adage goes, “unity equals success (our motto), both local and nationally”.


I kindly request all of you today to work hard and focus on our priorities and identify all available resources so we could develop the right plans for our crucial association with plans for advancing its work and motivation for the leadership to ensure their imperative involvement.  Having said all of that, kudos to our current leadership in the AAAEA who have been working diligently to ensure the success of this association! Time and time again throughout the duration of my work with AAAEA and other groups, I have yet encountered such a dedicated, responsible group of leaders who desire to make a difference in our community and the image being portrayed in America.  Armed with the spirit of these individuals, I remain confident of the future in changing the status quo.  I am optimistic in collectively facing such challenges and triumphs together for the betterment of our communities.  Hence why eight years ago, I along with others teamed up to establish this professional association in which I am grateful to be part of such a communal and collaborative group of professionals.  As a consequence, I am thankful for being co-founder and member of the esteemed Arab American Association of Engineers. 


Yours in Engineering, 


Maher Abdelqader, CCM

AAAEA Tri-State  President

Member Since: 2006 

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