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Tuesday16 January 2018

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Tri-State AAAEA Oath 



Tri-State AAAEA Oath I do solemnly and truly declare that I will serve the tri-state AAAEA to the best of my ability to work towards accomplishing its goals and objectives. I will adhere to the rules and bylaws set forth for this organization and its members, and to practice my profession with conscience and dignity.

Code of Ethics

Tri-State AAAEA Code of Conduct

Preamble: Tri-state Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (Tri-state AAAEA) is a non-profit, non-religious, professional Association committed to further the public welfare in relation to Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology knowledge and act upon matters that help reach that goal.

Tri-state AAAEA must comply with all applicable Local, State, and Federal Laws. The Tri-state AAAEA Code of Conduct is based on fundamental values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, compassion, trust, and accountability. These values should be the guiding principles upon which the Association will conduct its business, programs, financial management, and fundraising.



Tri-state AAAEA was founded for the public good and operate to accomplish its mission and offer programs that benefit the public as prescribed in its By-laws


Tri-state AAAEA is governed by an elected, volunteer Executive Board of Directors that should consist of individuals who are committed to the mission of the Association who shall carry policies and oversee programs in line with that mission as prescribed in the By-laws.


Tri-state AAAEA Executive Board, staff members or any volunteer should act in the best interest of the Association, rather than in furtherance of personal interests or the interests of third parties. Tri-state AAAEA should have policies in place, and should routinely and systematically implement those policies, to prevent actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest.


Tri-state AAAEA must practice sound financial management and comply with a diverse array of legal and regulatory requirements. Tri-state AAAEA financial system should assure that accurate financial records are kept and that the Association's financial resources are used in furtherance of the Association's non-profit purposes. The Association should conduct periodic reviews to address regulatory and liability concerns.  


Tri-state AAAEA is a private corporation that operates for public purposes with public support. As such, it provides the public with information about their mission, program activities, and finances as prescribed in its By-laws. The Association shall also be accessible and responsive to members of the public who express interest in the affairs of the organization.



Fundraising provides an important source of financial support for the work of the Association. Tri-state AAAEA fundraising program should be maintained on a foundation of truthfulness and responsible stewardship. Its fundraising policies should be consistent with its mission, compatible with its organizational capacity, and respectful of the interests of donors and prospective donors.


Tri-state AAAEA provides an important vehicle through which its members organize and work together to improve their respective communities. As such Tri-state AAAEA should represent the interests of the people they serve through public education and public policy advocacy, as well as by encouraging board members, staff, volunteers and constituents to participate in the public affairs of the community.

Receipt and Acknowledgement:

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of Tri-state AAAEA Code of Conduct and Standards for Excellence:




Print Name:____________________________________________________________



Check one: ___ Board Member ___  Regular Member ___ Associate Member


Date: ______________________________________________________________________________


Note: This Acknowledgment Form is for the use of the Association. It is intended to be completed by members and then turned in to the appropriate Board or staff representatives, as designated by the leadership the Association.



Important to Know

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